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Domestic, Commercial, School & Childcare shade sails

Domestic Shade Sails

Create the perfect shaded outdoor living space.

School & Childcare Shade Sails

We can help you deliver safe shaded play enviroments.

Commercial Shade Sails

Peninsula Shade Sails is your commercial build partner for sucess.

Insurance Shade Sails

Damaged shade sail? Our rapid response team can assist.

High Quality Shade Sails – Individually Crafted

Shade Sail Design

Well thought through sail design is critical in achieving the best possible shade coverage for your project at the time it is required.

How Sails Work

The principles of fabric architecture used to create a shade sail or tension membrane differ from most traditional areas of building. We explain a few of the basic principles here.

Shade Sail Installation

Although every shade project is slightly different most follow three basic steps.

Fabric, Fittings and Thread

The highest quality shade sails start with the highest quality available fabric, fittings and threads available. Find out more about our commitment to quality here.

Shade Sail Maintenance

Shade Sails like any building structure require occasional maintenance. We are happy to provide cleaning, tensioning and winter removal/re-erection services.

360 Shade Sail Tour

View a 360 degree tour of one of our shade sail installations at the Pelikan Society Cafe.

Shade sails can be designed for use in a variety of environments – both domestic and commercial.

This cost-effective shade solution also enhances the aesthetic of the outdoor area, with a variety of colours available.

Shade sails can range from smaller sails over entrance ways and outdoor entertaining areas to larger sails over carparks and playgrounds.

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